Frequenty asked questions

What's different about these pies?

Wilfreds pies are all made with our special hot crust pastry recipe and finished hand finished by our skilled bakers.  The recipes have been developed by a successful Welsh chef and are carefully put together by hand.

Where can i find these pies?

Wilfreds range is brand new.  As we come up with a list of suppliers we will update the website.  Expect to find these products in great butchers, delis and eateries with good taste!

Why didn't you call them Lewis pies?

We have been around for some time now – in fact we are in our 80th year!  We wanted to created something different to celebrate their premium Welsh nature.  The business has been run by three generations – all named Wilfred!  It was a perfect fit

I work for a company that would like to create a pie with Wilfreds - what do i do?

Get in touch right away – we have worked with plenty of companies.  The Gower Brewery, Welsh Speciality Foods and Colliers cheese to name a few.

Are they good for me?

Pies should be a part of a balanced diet – we do fill them with great ingredients from great suppliers.  These pies are pretty addictive so be careful!

You are addicted to Wilfreds pies and need help?

Call us – we can put you in touch with some pie competitors that will put you off pies.

What does 'hand-finished' mean?

Rather than hand made our pies are hand finished. We create the bases and fill them using a specialist piece of kit – this means we get consistency which customers love. 

Our fills are made in large vats and stirred by men who love pies.  They take pride in what they do.  We put our pie lids on by hand and hand crimp them.  Enjoy!

What do i do if i want to stock these pies?

Please give us a call.  We are super proud of the product and would love to talk to you about it.  We would love you to try it first!!

Is the filling really all from Wales?

Oh yes – where you see the PGI label that means that we have used proper Welsh meat.  We buy fresh vegetables from local suppliers and use condiments (Ale, horseradish etc) from Welsh craft companies.  Chicken is all Red Tractor, which means it’s British – its pretty difficult to buy Welsh chicken!

What if i have a good idea for a pie?

Tweet us, call us or email us – we want to hear about it.  Do it now!

Talk to me about the pastry..

It’s Hot Crust, that’s all we are saying.  We have worked hard to get it right and we love it.

Who is Wilfred anyway?

There are currently 2 Wilfreds, Junior and Senior.  Both currently work at Lewis pies and are the second and third generation owners of the business.

What is the standard of the facility that these products are made at?

Top notch.  Our facility is Grade A BRC.  That means its clean and our staff follow proper procedures.

Will you be making anymore for the range?

We are already working on extending the range.  We have some great ideas but would love to hear yours.  Get in touch!

Want to find out more?

Get in touch

If you want to stock these pies, have a good idea for a new pie or want to collaborate, call us on 01792 579908 or email us.